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NAGRC&DB Hosts Team from Uganda Climate Smart Agriculture Transformation Project (UCSATP)

On Friday, July 5th 2024 a team from the World Bank led by the Uganda Climate Smart Agriculture Transformation Project (UCSATP) Task Team Leader visited NAGRC&DB to discuss the next steps ahead of the project implementation.


NAGRC&DB is entrusted to spearhead the production, multiplication, and distribution of Livestock seed (Semen, Embryos and live animals) up to the end users, who are farmers up to the parish level. Furthermore, the entity shall work in close collaboration with other stakeholders to strengthen the community-based animal breeding program, contract mating schemes, while fostering the formation of breed societies/breeders’ associations, selection and training of Artificial Insemination technicians, and technical backstopping on breeding through routine farm-level inspections.