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Farms & Ranches


  • The entity operates 15 Government Animal Genetics Resource Centres (AnGRCs) strategically situated in the various Agro-ecological zones of Uganda to support the different animal production systems existing in those regions.

  • The entity runs the only Nationally Accredited Bull Stud in the country for semen production currently serving Uganda and other surrounding East African member states- eg Burundi, South Sudan, DRC, etc


Bulago stock farm is located in Bulago trading centre,Busiya parish, Bulago sub county, Elgon county, Bulambuli District. The farm has two seasons and receives majorly rainfall well distribution throughout the first season and dry spell in the third quarter of every year. The temperature ranges from 14 C -25 C with moisture content of approximately 89%-35%.The farm is at the altitude of 1993-2500 metres, latitude of 1.249837 NI 14’59.802” and longitude of 34.364878 E34 21’53.562”.


Aswa Ranch is located in Burlobo village, Bur lobo parish, Angagura subcounty Aruu north pader district. Bordering Gulu in the south, Lamwo north east and KIgum district in the north.

The Ranch covers 132 Square miles.  Aswa Ranch is occupying three sub counties in the name of Angagura, Atanga and Laguti and Boardered by River Aswa from the west and River Pager from the North in pader district.Aswa ranch was restocked in 2014 with 1000 head of cattle by NAGRC &DB under the ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and Fisheries after Kony insurgency which took place in the northern Uganda since early 1986 where all the animals were looted from the ranch


Kasolwe Stock Farm is one of the twelve Livestock Centre Farms managed by National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC & DB), under the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF).

The Farm started way back in1969. It is located in Bulagala B Village, Kasolwe Parish, Kagumba Sub County, Kamuli district and 22km from Kamuli town along Bukungu road. The farm has a total land size of 3 square miles which encroached on by thicket of bushes.

Initially, the farm was a citrus farm but, due to insufficient water sources, it was later on transformed into a conservation livestock farm especially, the indigenous East African Short Horn Zebu (EASHZ) and Small East African goats. This key result area is in line with the Conservation of biodiversity, sustainable utilization and development of indigenous animal genetic resources in NAGRC & DB as stipulated in the five year (2015/16- 2020/21) strategic development plan.

Kasolwe Stock Farm also started an upgrade of the indigenous EASHZ with the Jersey and Friesian breeds of dairy cattle to meet the community demand in terms of milk.

Until Financial Year 2019/20, under Busoga Livestock Transformation Project, farm is in the revolutionilization of Livestock farming into a centre of excellence to serve the entire eleven districts of the greater Busoga region (Kamuli, Jinja, Mayuge, Bugiri, Iganga, Kaliro, Bugweri Buyende, Luuka, Namutumba and Namayingo).

This revolution was formulated to increase resilience, wealth and positive livelihood outcomes among the small players along the livestock value chain. The project is focusing on enhancing livestock production and productivity for the different livestock species; Cattle (dairy and beef), Goats (meat goats), Piggery, Poultry (dual purpose birds – Kruoiler and Rainbow Rooster) and Fish

LES (Livestock Experimental Station)

Livestock Experimental station is one of the government farms /ranches under the management of NAGRC&DB. It is located in Wakiso district near Entebbe International Airport. The mandate of the farm is to breed quality dairy cattle, pigs, and poultry. The farm currently stands on about 80 acres of land where these three enterprises are being hosted. The farm also hosts a regional gene bank for eastern Africa.

Key agro-enterprise(s)/production activities

Dairy cattle breeding, multi-purpose poultry production, National Livestock Quarantine and Evaluation Centre, African Union Animal Resources Seed Center of Excellence (Regional Gene Bank), medium scale animal feed production and processing, Learning and skilling center


Lusenke stock farm covers approximately 4,480 acres (7 square miles) and is situated in Busana sub-county of Kayunga district in central Uganda and lies astride the River Nile. 

Land size: Approximately 4,480 acres (7 square miles)

Livestock species: East African Short horn Zebu

Breeding programmes: Conservation of East African Short horn Zebu

Cross breeding-Tyrolean grey and Angus

Production/management system: Fenced farming

Other enterprises: Poultry, Rainbow rooster, a parent stock intended for hatching of day old chicks.


The ranch was started in 1968 by the Uganda government and other development partners. The ranch is located in Kiruhura District, Nyabushozi County, Nyakashashara Sub County, and Karengo village it shares boundaries with Lake Mburo National Park The ranch has 27 square mile.

Key agro-enterprise(s)/production activities 

Ankole long-horned cattle improvement and conservation, meat and dairy goat breeding, Large scale animal feed production and processing, learning & skilling center


National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC & DB) is a government agency in charge of breeding activities of livestock, poultry and fish under the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries. To carry out these activities, NAGRC & DB under result area one of its strategic plan; ‘enhanced animal genetic improvement efforts for increased animal production and productivity’ does it through center farms/ranches among others.Maruzi ranch is one of such located in Akokoro sub county Apac district. 

 The mandate of this ranch is beef cattle cross breeding and avail the community with improved livestock through bulls and artificial insemination. The mandate has however broadened to respond to different kind of farmers, size of land and income and for purposes of diversification. And therefore plans are underway to bring in breed technologies of other livestock like meat goats this financial year. All this is geared at enhancing the livelihoods of communities through income generation, better nutrition, and drought power by acquiring better breeds. The breeds currently on the ranch are crosses of Romagnola, Sahiwal and Brahman with indigenous breeds.

Maruzi ranch under NAGRC & DB, though located in Apac, its mandate is to be the centre for breeding activities for outreach to the entire Lango sub region.

The ranch size is 7 square miles from the recommendation by the agricultural committee of the parliament of Uganda. This however needs to be followed up and the land titled. Efforts have been made and this land demarcated with the lower side having 3.2 square miles and the upper side 3.8 square miles. 


Rubona stock farm is located 22km south of Fort Portal town along Fort Portal- Kasese high way in Bunyangabu county, Bunyangabu district. It stands on 755 acreages; we rear cattle and goats (Friesians, Jersey and Ayrshire for cattle and South African Boer goats) respectively. It is a purely breeding farm. The system of production /management is fenced farming.

Other enterprises

Fish farming.


Ruhengyere field station was started in 1950’s by the Uganda Government in partnership with USAID. The main objective was to offer Animal Husbandry technologies and genetics to the farming community. The mandate of Ruhengyere Field Station is to produce and multiply livestock for production of beef meat aimed at ensuring adaptability, food security and increased incomes to the farming households. The Ranch is located in Kayonza Cell, Kayonza Parish, Kiaktsi Subcounty, Nyabushozi County, Kiruhura District


Sanga field station is located in kiruhura district 45 kms on Mbarara Kampala high way  it sits on 2.5 sq miles of land  , animals kept are ankole as mother stock ,brahaman crossed,conservation of kigezi & mubende black cattle we use both AI and brahaman bulls which are crossed

Key agro-enterprise(s)/production activities 

Beef cattle breeding, Dairy cattle breeding, Mubende black and Kigezi goat conservation, Large scale animal feed production and processing, learning & skilling center 


Location: Buikwe District

Key agro-enterprise(s)/production activities

Pig breeding, Dairy cattle breeding, Liquid Nitrogen production and distribution center for Eastern region, learning & skilling center


Location: Wakiso District

Key agro-enterprise(s)/production activities

Beef and dairy cattle semen production, evaluation, packaging and availing to actors; national large scale liquid nitrogen production, packaging and availing to actors; Embryo Transfer Services laboratory, medium scale animal feed production and processing, Learning and skilling center


Location: Nwoya District

Key agro-enterprise(s)/production activities

Beef cattle breeding, Meat goat breeding, Large scale animal feed production and processing, Learning and skilling center for West Nile and Northern Uganda


Location: Wakiso District

Key agro-enterprise(s)/production activities

Multi-purpose poultry production, Poultry hatchery for central region, Learning and skilling center


Location: Arua CBSC ,Hoima CBSC ,Gulu CBSC ,Soroti CBSC, Moyo CBSC, Moroto CBSC,Iganga CBSC, Mbale CBSC

Key agro-enterprise(s)/production activities

Facilitation of animal genetic improvement at parish level through mass sensitization, estrus synchronization, artificial insemination and Embryo Transfer activities in host communities.