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National Pig Grand-parent Resources Centre Unit

The pig industry in Uganda plays an important role in improving the livelihoods of people by creating employment opportunities, providing a source of food and income generation.  In an era, with high poverty levels and increasing population and projected doubling in the world levels of animal protein consumption by 2050, promoting of improved productivity of prolific sources of animal proteins such as pigs, offers an excellent solution and a momentous strategy.

The National Animal Genetic Resources Center and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) has developed a National pig breeding improvement strategy where, breeding plans, goals and objectives will be well elaborated to reduce the admix of breeds which is highly likely. This will improve the understanding of the relationship between breed merit, productivity and profitability, to support pig farmer decisions pertinent to what specific breed/crossbreed they can comfortably rear in relation to the production systems.

NAGRC&DB being the government agency that spear heads breeding activities, is promoting Artificial Insemination as one of the reproductive technologies for faster genetic improvement and improved reproductive performance of the inbred herds. With AI, pure line breeding can be achieved and cross breeding programs best achieved with genetically defined breeds.

National objective of pig program

Promote sustainable production of pigs in order to increase supply of quality pigs and pig products to meet local demands and free more pork for export.

Mandate of piggery programme

Sustainable intensification of pig breeding and production in Uganda- for improved livelihoods and enhanced food security.

Program vision:

Avail high quality pig genetic material to Ugandans and Africa at large through right full breeding programme in place. 

Pig breeding at NAGRC&DB center farms

NAGRC&DB has an institutional pig breeding program and plan aimed at fitting into the National pig breeding program to ultimately provide quality genetic pigs to Ugandans and the neighboring Countries. Under this program, NAGRC&DB deals with 2 levels, breeding and multiplication however this is not limited to NAGRC&DB but also to nucleus farmers and registered pig breeders.

There is breeding pure, crossing to get F1 with heterosis, multiplying with terminating boars finally sell to finishers.

In addition to the above we do a community engagement through the Community Based Breeding Program in pigs were the approach is from bottom to up that is to say, the farmers preferences are considered in advising them on how to develop a breeding objective. The following are put into consideration (traits desired and to be measured, estimated breeding values, selection, culling and mating). Under the community engagement, the technical offer other services to farmers.

NAGRC&DB has a mandate to conserve indigenous genetics and this is a core strategic objective in its strategic plan. Therefore, there is conservation of the localized indigenous genetics at Njeru stock farm.

NAGRC&DB together with MAAIF, does quality assurance of breeding centers and boar studs for certification

Among other is the training of farmers and students in pig management aspects at NAGRC & DB center farms.