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The technical production department is responsible for the management of all the animal breeding farms, ranches and production units for the production of breeding males and females and other germplasm. These are availed to livestock farmers across the country through different uptake pathways. The department implements the provisions of the breeding programs stipulated by the NAGRC&DB breeding department to meet farmer needs. These breeding programs are implemented at specific farm/ranch/production units according to their specific mandates

Core departmental functions;

  • Manages Centre farms for production and selection of superior dams and sires

  • Practices open nucleus breeding schemes and reproduction extension services to farmers on the farms of the Centre and offers the sale of properly bred and recorded good quality livestock to farmers.
  • Rears sire studs for production and sale of semen
  • Production, procurement and sale of semen, eggs, ova, embryos and their associated equipment
  • Production, procurement and sale of liquid nitrogen and associated equipment
  • Production and sale of founder brood stock of fisheries resources