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Data Bank Unit for Animal Genetic Resources

  • About

    NAGRC&DB is at the forefront of managing, preserving, and utilizing genetic information pertaining to animal species in Uganda. With a dedicated Data Bank component, we are committed to advancing sustainable livestock development through efficient data management practices. Our primary goal is to effectively manage, conserve, and utilize genetic resources of animal populations in Uganda. Through our Data Bank, we aim to centralize genetic data, support genetic improvement, preserve indigenous breeds, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the livestock sector.

  • Purpose

    • Genetic Resource Management: We collect, store, and catalog genetic information on various animal species, breeds, and ecotypes in Uganda.
    • Preservation of Indigenous Breeds: We safeguard and promote indigenous or rare animal breeds unique to Uganda by documenting their genetic profiles and monitoring population trends.
    • Genetic Improvement: We provide valuable information for selective breeding programs, enhancing desired traits such as disease resistance, productivity, and adaptability to local environments.
    • Research and Innovation: We serve as a resource for genetic research, innovation, and technology development in animal breeding and genetics.


    • Data Collection and Management: We systematically collect, store, and manage genetic data related to animal species in Uganda.
    • Conservation of Genetic Diversity: We preserve and promote genetic diversity, particularly of indigenous or rare animal breeds.
    • Genetic Improvement Programs: We support selective breeding programs aimed at enhancing desired traits in livestock populations.
    • Research and Innovation: We facilitate genetic research, innovation, and technology development in animal breeding and genetics.
  • Key Stakeholders

    • Government Institutions: We collaborate with government agencies to ensure policy alignment and regulatory compliance.
    • Research Institutions: We partner to integrate scientific expertise and technologies into genetic data management and research.
    • Livestock Farmers: We benefit farmers by providing genetic data to improve animal health, productivity, and overall herd management.
    • Academic Institutions: We collaborate for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and technology transfer in animal genetics and data management.

  • Key Strategic Interventions

    • Comprehensive Data Collection: We gather diverse genetic information from different animal populations within Uganda.
    • Efficient Data Management: We maintain structured databases or repositories for storing and retrieving genetic information.
    • Capacity Building: We provide training programs and workshops to stakeholders in animal breeding and genetics.
    • Research Collaboration: We collaborate with research institutions for genetic research and innovation.