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Welcome to this website which is one of our avenues for communication as we strive to reach and periodically inform our stakeholders about NAGRC&DB’s progress towards attainment of our commitment to serve the animal farming community. We can now share our experiences, technologies and events with our esteemed stakeholders. The aim is to educate the public about livestock breeding, conservation of biodiversity and the appropriate use of assisted reproductive technologies to cause genetic improvement in Uganda and beyond.

Over the years, the overall focus of NAGRC&DB has been on increasing utilisation of improved germplasm, and because of the sustained efforts in that direction, farmers can now access superior animal breeds of cattle, goats, pigs and poultry and other livestock species. For instance in the last 5 years alone,  farmers who are our primary stakeholders, have been availed with; market responsive beef breeding stock with slaughter weight gain potential of 800-1000g/day, market responsive dairy breeding stock with milk production potential of 30 litres per cow/day, goats with an average daily weight gain of 165-200g and can reach market size in one year, fast growing pigs with an average litter size of 14 piglets and multipurpose poultry that can produce up to 180 eggs per hen per laying season. My appreciation goes staff who work tirelessly to ensure attainment of these strides.

NDPIII Goal (FY 2020/21 to 2024/25) is to increase average household incomes and improve the quality of life of Ugandans. Therefore, as a key player in the NDPIII agenda NAGRC&DB will strive to enhance the value addition in key growth opportunities while strengthening the private sector capacity to drive growth and create jobs. Our activities will thus be focused towards enhancing the competitiveness and sustainability of the livestock industry in Uganda.

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Peter Beine, PhD 

Executive Director

Email: executivedirector@nagrc.go.ug

Specialized Units

National Animal Quarantine Center Unit

The purpose and scope of setting up the NATIONAL ANIMAL QUARANTINE Stations is to prevent the ingress of dangerous exotic diseases into the country through imported livestock and livestock products.

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Animal Feed Production Unit

Evaluation and multiplication of improved pasture and fodder germ-plasma. NAGRC&DB established and maintained 375 acres of improved pasture on its farms;

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Community Breeding program

This concept arises from the need for livestock farming communities to participate and or carry out breeding activities. It contains two main strategies;

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Apiculture Unit for production of (food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade products etc).

NAGRC&DB is one of the government agencies that is working around the clock to create wealth for Ugandan through practically skilling

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National Pig Grand-parent Resources Centre Unit

The pig industry in Uganda plays an important role in improving the livelihoods of people by creating employment opportunities, providing

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Liquid Nitrogen Production and Distribution Unit

NAGRC&DB have three liquid nitrogen plants, located at Njeru, Mbarara and at the Bullstud in Entebbe. The production capacity of the Liquid

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Semen Production, Packaging, Storage and Distribution Unit

NAGRC&DB collects semen from high quality bulls, the semen is subjected to both macroscopic and microscopic examination, the concentration

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Rural Poultry Development Unit

This unit is responsible for contributing to the development and implementation of projects and programs for more efficient reproduction

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Latest News

MPs commend NAGRC&DB

In May when 40 Members of Parliament on the Budget Committee toured NAGRC&DB enterprises in Entebbe, Lusenke and Kasolwe government farms, they were purposely in a fact-finding mission to know where government puts its resources. By the end of the two-day tour, however, their interest in NAGRC&DB had skyrocketed. At the Entebbe Livestock Experimental Station,

Ray of hope for Isabirye after difficult start

Joseph Isabirye is a farmer based in Mugulusi village, Naibowa parish, Butansi sub-county in Kamuli district. He was on the verge of abandoning livestock farming until NAGRC&DB saved the day. He is a beneficiary of NAGRC&DB’s community breeding programme, specifically artificial insemination. In 2014, I set up Jet farm with the aim of transforming my

Revamping of Kasolwe Govt farm excites Busoga region

As the animal resources sub-sector looks forward to the new financial year, NAGRC&DB has invested a lot of effort into community-based breeding initiatives in order to ensure that no livestock farmer is left behind. Ahmed Kibedi grows sugarcane on five acres but due to the fluctuating price of sugarcane, he was contemplating clearing the land

Community initiatives set positive agenda for 2022

As the animal breeding sub-sector looks forward to the new financial year, NAGRC&DB has invested a lot of effort into community-based breeding initiatives in order to ensure that no livestock farmer is left behind. Through the Community-Based animal Breeding outreach Program (CBBP), NAGRC&DB is supporting farmers in the various agro-ecological zones of Uganda with high

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MOU entered into today between @NAGRC_DB,URUS & Iowa State University of Science & Technology for purposes of academic exchange & collaboration to promote adoption of appropriate livestock management technologies,breeds through research & outreach


Today in Mpigi, @NAGRC_DB together with @MAAIF_Uganda hosted the visiting @AfDB_Group team that is reviewing the performance of @Avcp1_MAAIF
The Centre has played a leading role in improving the animal seed chain in over 16 districts.
@FrankTumwebazek @DrRwamiramaBK @beinepeter


Click on the link for the latest @NAGRC_DB Issue 1;


I concluded my field monitoring visit with Ruhengere Stock Farm in Kiruhura under @NAGRC_DB The farm has opened up 2 square miles for production of animal feed.

I later visited Rubyerwa Diary Investment Ltd, located in Kashari County, Mbarara District


Iam pleased with ongoing works at Nsaara Ranch under @NAGRC_DB and so far 5 square miles are being ploughed and cleared for production of improved pasture at the Ranch and 508 acres of improved pasture have been established for mass hay and seed production.


Day 2: I commissioned production of animal feeds at Nsaara Ranch in Kiruhura District. The programme being implemented by @NAGRC_DB will help improve food security towards grain and animal feed production.


@NAGRC_DB has started off production of animal feed on 18,000 acres and will multiply feed for farmers

I later met district leaders in Pader District to sensitize them of the ongoing Government programme of opening up Government Ranches to multiply grain and livestock.


Today,@NAGRC_DB hosted a team from the European Commision for the control of Foot & Mouth Disease @Eufmd & FAO.The Centre was selected as partner in provision of the Continuing Professional Development in Uganda
@DrRwamiramaBK @beinepeter @MAAIF_Uganda @PS_MAAIF


I chaired a mtg of the national food & animal feed security strategic interventions players & each of the agencies( @jbyabs @NECUPDF @updf_ @narouganda @NAGRC_DB ) presented their progress on planting readiness for this & next season.We shall be moving to the field to inspect!

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