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National Animal Genetic Evaluation and Testing Centre Unit

  • About

    National Animal Genetic Evaluation and Testing Centre Unit is located in Entebbe and it consists of infrastructure that houses laboratories (testing units) for both the Regional Gene bank and the National Gene bank.

    It has well-equipped hi-tech laboratories that have up to date testing equipment that are maintained and serviced periodically to ensure continued and proper functionality and well trained competent and motivated personnel who run the specific activities that involve collecting, handling transporting ,processing ,evaluating, testing and storage of both indigenous and imported animal genetics. It also has a well-constructed crush house used for restraining animals during collection of germplasm is embryos. It also has a data management, security and biosecurity/ bio-safety and quality assurance system in place.

  • Importance

    The Unit promotes the conservation and sustainable utilization of animal genetic resources.

  • Purpose

    The purpose is to provide a framework for acquisition, storage, processing, and access to stored material for research and other purposes.

  • Stakeholders

    Key stakeholders and their roles

    • Farmers and breed associations,
    • researchers, education, extension,
    • MAAIF,
    • NEMA,
    • UNCST,
    • contributors, conservation foundations.
  • Strategies

    • Breed and/or species characterization using state of the art phenotyping and genotyping strategies.
    • Specialized human resources comprising animal geneticists, biostatisticians, reproductive physiologists, and technicians.
    • What equipment to achieve the goals
    • What infrastructure
    • Biosecurity
  • Novel interventions

    • On-farm Germplasm collection
    • Genetic evaluation
    • Biobanking technologies