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Community Based Animal Breeding Program (CBBP)

  • Purpose

    The community-based breeding programs are planned, organized breeding activities that are designed and implemented by smallholder farmers individually or in cooperation with technical stakeholders to effect genetic improvement within their livestock. The National Animal Genetics Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) alongside various stakeholders is working with both smallholder and large-scale livestock farmers within the various Agro-ecological zones of Uganda to support this approach. Livestock keeping communities are heavily involved in determining the breeding objectives and selecting parents of the future generation. Communities are guided by animal geneticists/scientists as they carry out their “own breeding”. Use is made of modern genetic selection tools like genomics.

    The CBBP is envisaged to increase the productivity and profitability of livestock in Uganda without necessarily undermining their resilience and genetic integrity, and without expensive interventions. By aggressively involving the livestock owners at parish level in the program, livestock improvement will be achieved quickly and cost effectively.

  • Key Stakeholders

    • Farmers, Farmer cooperatives and groups, other stakeholders involved in animal breeding in different Agro-ecological zones/respective regions (all animals including fish and bees).
    • Village breeding committees, Animal Breeders and Associations etc.
    • Artificial Insemination Technicians, Animal geneticists/scientists
    • District production officers, cultural and political leaders.
    • Send-A-Cow, HPI, Dairy Development Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Ministries, Departments and Agencies etc.
  • CBBP Services offered

    • Heat synchronization and artificial insemination (AI) services
    • Training, refreshing knowledge and skills of AI technicians
    • Equipping districts with AI gadgets
    • Routine distribution of AI inputs – semen, liquid nitrogen, and sheaths.
    • Sensitization, training and advisory service provisions to farmers in aspects of animal breeding and general farm management
    • Fostering and encouraging formation of livestock interest groups.
    • Support to farmers with pasture seeds, establishment and conservation.
    • Support to livestock enterprises in learning Institutions.
    • Support to poultry production – Avail improved rural poultry (Kuroilers and Rainbow Rooster chicken) to farmers groups as approved by the district production officers, cultural and political leaders.
Data collection on calves born out of the CBBP after AI training in Busoga Region
Evaluating of cows prior to AI on Kaisa farm in Kamuli District