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Semen Production, Packaging, Storage and Distribution Unit

  • Purpose

    This unit provides a framework for acquisition, collection, processing, storage and access to stored semen for use in artificial insemination (AI). The purposes of NAGRC&DB’s Semen Production, Packaging, Storage and Distribution Unit include:

    • A semen processing laboratory for collection and production of semen from high quality bulls of different breeds the semen is subjected to both macroscopic and microscopic examination and later packed and labelled for future use.
    • Availing farmers/ breeders with quality semen to use during Artificial Insemination on their farms to improve their herd productivity
    • Evaluation of semen imported into the country to ensure it conforms to international standards
    • Periodic evaluation of post thaw semen both in laboratory and field setting
  • Key Stakeholders

    • Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries
    • District Local Government
    • I technicians
    • District Veterinary Officers
    • Farmers and Breeders
    • Breed associations
    • Extension workers
    • Private semen production companies and non-governmental organisations.
  • Key Strategic interventions

    The Agricultural Value Chain Development Program (AVCP-1) under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) has supported NAGRC&DB;

    • Trained 230 dairy cattle breeders, which has led to the formation of five breeder associations (Jersey, Ayrshire, Friesian, Boran, and Ankole societies)
    • Provided 25 exotic bulls to support NAGRC& DB for local semen collection and distribution to farmers. With annual potential of producing 800,000 – 1,000,000 dozes of semen.
    • To enhance the success rate of AI services, the Program procured 5,018 hormones and 257 units Accessories and Non-Pregnancy Diagnosis (NPD) tools
    • The Program has supported NAGRC&DB to expand the Artificial Insemination (AI) program for increased dairy production, so far appx 2800 animals have synchronized with Artificial insemination in the project districts, over 1120 calves have been born & 1200 animals yet to deliver.
    • NAGRC&DB through the Program has supported training of 172 AI technicians and equipped 60 with artificial insemination kits, which has enhanced farmer access to improved genetics.
    • Every quarter, two field deliveries of semen and liquid nitrogen are made to the four regions in the country (Western, Eastern, Northern and Central). In these regions we deliver the Artificial Insemination (AI) inputs to the District Veterinary Office, AI technicians, NAGRC&DB farms in the region and farmers who have the equipment to handle the inputs and satellite centres.
Doses of bovine semen are collected at the National Bull stud and genetic evaluation centre, and distributed to actors along the Assisted Reproductive Technologies value chain
Packing of semen, sealing of semen straws and their labelling/identification
  • Hon. Minister of State Animal Industry at the Ruhengyere Ranch-Mbarara Handing out certificates

  • AI technicians passed out at the ceremony

  • Storage of semen straws

  • Semen Collection

  •  Ceremony for newly trained Artificial Insemination technicians