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Poultry Development Unit

  • Purpose

    This unit is responsible for the development and implementation of projects and programs for more efficient reproduction and breeding of poultry using appropriate and acceptable technologies. Through research and studies of the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth and development of poultry, the unit ensures the best results.

    It purposes to multiply and distribute good quality, economically viable chicks of the Kuroiler and Rainbow rooster breeds to interested farmers in all the regions country wide at affordable prices, while maintaining breeding records of genealogy, health, weight, diet, behavior and other breeding data.

  • Key Stakeholders

    • Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries (MAAIF)
    • National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS)
    • Poultry Farmers’ Association of Uganda
    • Poultry Breeders’ Association of Uganda
    • Poultry Veterinary Association of Uganda.
    • Poultry Feeds Manufacturers/ Importers Association of Uganda
    • Poultry Drugs Sellers
  • Key Strategic interventions

    • NAGRC&DB has Installed state-of the- art hatcheries in four Centre farms to multiply chicks and also improve upon their distribution country-wide and to all regions.
    • To increase on the supply of poultry and improve upon their breeding and multiplication there has been the development of the National Poultry Development Centre (NPDC) in Wakiso with a capacity of 100,000 parent stock birds raised at once.
    • The NDPC is being leveraged as a training or learning facility for students and farmers in the region.
    • Set-up of a five metric ton per hour feed mill in Kasolwe stock farm with certified nutritionists producing poultry feeds for all the other Centre farms and farmers country wide.
    • With the continuous application of assisted reproductive technologies to improve production and productivity; NAGRC&DB can currently supply over 500,000 Day-Old- Chicks or one-month brooded Rainbow rooster chicks per month to all beneficiaries.
    • Periodic participation in agricultural exhibitions to promote poultry farming, marketing initiatives and provide technical support to outreach programs that enhance breeder and farmer production and productivity.
  • Enhancing rural development: availing farmers with Day-Old-Chicks
  • Day-Old-Chicks
  • Kuroiler birds