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Poultry Development Unit

This unit is responsible for contributing to the development and implementation of projects and programs for more efficient reproduction and breeding of poultry using appropriate and acceptable technologies by; Studies the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth and development of poultry and designs and implements projects and programs for enhanced poultry reproduction and breeding that ensure the best results; Maintains breeding records of genealogy, health, weight, diet, behavior and other breeding data; Supervises the care of poultry under the projects and programs including their shelter, health, reproduction, growth, breeding and nutrition; Participates in the selection of poultry with the most appropriate genetic parameters for optimal reproduction and breeding; Applies reproduction assisted techniques and technologies; Monitors, evaluates and reports on performance of reproductive and breeding programs and projects for poultry; Organizes and participates in agricultural exhibitions to promote poultry marketing initiatives; Provides technical support on outreach programs to enhance breeder and farmer production and productivity; Undertakes any other official duties as assigned by the Assistant Technical Manager/ Reproductive and Breeding Techniques.