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Let New Technologies Reach Farmers, New NAGRC Board Tasked

The new board for the National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) has been asked to work towards the improvement of access to better technologies by livestock farmers across the country.

“Farmers out there are yearning for better genetics in order to improve their farms. You have to make sure that these technologies here reach the farmers who need them,” Colonel Bright Rwamirama, State Minister in charge of Animal Husbandry said.

NAGRC&DB is the government arm responsible for breeding and genetics collection. Rwamirama was inaugurating the new board, at Entebbe, in Wakiso district.

The new board that was launched on Tuesday, October 17th includes Ben Anyama (Chairman), Dr Bilal Cabral Kibedi, Dr Henry Mulindwa, Teddy Alako, Dr Anna Rose Ademun, Dr Herman Ssekiwunga, Dr Richard Akule, Engineer Robert Waiga Ssenozi, Anthony Raymond Epel, Hon. Sheila Mwine Kabeije, Dr Samuel Kanakulya Lubinga and Dr Peter Beine who is also the Executive Director, NAGRC.

“NAGRC&DB by a statutory instrument, the Animal Breeding Act, 2001 has a two-fold mandate: to play a leading role in the commercialization of animal breeding activities in Uganda, and to carry out development activities that enhance animal genetic improvement and productivity,” said he said.

Through its flagship program – the Community-Based Breeding Outreach Program (CBBOP) for instance, NAGRC&DB has played a cardinal role in the 190% increase in milk production in the country.

Pig and poultry farmers have also greatly benefitted from the multiplication programs of these genetics at the NAGRC&DB centres.

“These continuous animal genetic improvement efforts by the Centre are aimed at realizing a critical mass of resilient and highly productive dairy and meat animals within the livestock communities across the country,” Dr Beine said.

PHOTO CAPTION: The new board member for the National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB).