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NAGRC&DB Highlights Success at the Harvest Money Expo-2024

The National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) proudly participated in the Harvest Money Expo held in Kololo at the Independence grounds from 23rd February till the 25th February 2024. The event served as a vibrant platform for farmers, agricultural enthusiasts, industry experts, students, and stakeholders to converge and celebrate the latest advancements, innovations, and accomplishments in the field of agriculture.

NAGRC&DB showcased its commitment to excel in agriculture through its participation at the Harvest Money Expo and showcased a variety of animal feed -related innovations, livestock management trainings in animal nutrition, health and genetics. The organization’s booth attracted attention with its innovative technologies, sustainable farming practices, and dedication to agricultural advancement.

Visitors to the NAGRC&DB booth were treated to an immersive experience, where they had the opportunity to engage with interactive scientists on the animal feeds displayed for dairy and beef cattle, poultry, sow and weaner meals for pigs; training sessions on how the best feed mix with the right ingredients determine and improve the performance of livestock. There were forage demonstrations of Hay, Corn and Napier silage, Super Napier-the ‘Pakchong’ variety cuttings, as well as informative sessions highlighting the best and sustainable farming techniques. The booth also provided valuable insights into modern animal breeding technologies and practices.

Informative and interactive sessions with the farmers at the NAGRC&DB booth

The NAGRC&DB booth provided a valuable platform for networking and knowledge sharing among farmers, industry professionals. Representatives from NAGRC&DB actively participated in the discussions, training workshops that were ongoing at the expo related to various livestock management and best practices; there was a lot of exchanged ideas and insights with fellow attendees. These interactions not only fostered collaboration but also contributed to the collective advancement of the agricultural sector. In reiteration, The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), on his X (formerly Twitter) feed, urged farmers to “gradually adopt the culture of animal feeding to supplement traditional roaming,” and commended NAGRC&DB as one of the MAAIF’s agencies, “now growing and producing animal feeds to enable farmers access them at affordable rates and having various varieties for planting that farmers can access at affordable rates at the various government ranches”

NAGRC&DB was established with a twofold mandate; to lead in the commercialization of animal breeding activities in Uganda and to carry out development activities that enhance animal genetic improvement and productivity. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and excellence the organization strives through its participation in events like the Harvest Money Expo to create awareness and promote best livestock management practices; showcase its latest innovations and modern technologies in the area of animal breeding and conservation. NAGRC&DB looks forward to building upon the momentum gained from the event and continuing to make meaningful contributions to the agricultural sector.

Students engaging with at the NAGRC&DB booth displays at the Harvest Money Expo