MPs commend NAGRC&DB

In May when 40 Members of Parliament on the Budget Committee toured NAGRC&DB enterprises in Entebbe, Lusenke and Kasolwe government farms, they were purposely in a fact-finding mission to know where government puts its resources. By the end of the two-day tour, however, their interest in NAGRC&DB had skyrocketed. At the Entebbe Livestock Experimental Station,

Ray of hope for Isabirye after difficult start

Joseph Isabirye is a farmer based in Mugulusi village, Naibowa parish, Butansi sub-county in Kamuli district. He was on the verge of abandoning livestock farming until NAGRC&DB saved the day. He is a beneficiary of NAGRC&DB’s community breeding programme, specifically artificial insemination. In 2014, I set up Jet farm with the aim of transforming my

Revamping of Kasolwe Govt farm excites Busoga region

As the animal resources sub-sector looks forward to the new financial year, NAGRC&DB has invested a lot of effort into community-based breeding initiatives in order to ensure that no livestock farmer is left behind. Ahmed Kibedi grows sugarcane on five acres but due to the fluctuating price of sugarcane, he was contemplating clearing the land

Community initiatives set positive agenda for 2022

As the animal breeding sub-sector looks forward to the new financial year, NAGRC&DB has invested a lot of effort into community-based breeding initiatives in order to ensure that no livestock farmer is left behind. Through the Community-Based animal Breeding outreach Program (CBBP), NAGRC&DB is supporting farmers in the various agro-ecological zones of Uganda with high

How to use good fish genetics to be successful in Aquaculture

Aquaculture or fish farming is a high-risk business that is prone to genetic factors. Therefore, as in any farming business, getting the right fish genetics has a tremendous impact on achieving farming goals. Unfortunately, this is rarely discussed in farming forums but here are simple guidelines with a view to helping investors in the sub-sector.

How NAGRC&DB skills vets to match new technology

As the country embraces the Parish Development Model (PDM), NAGRC&DB executive director Dr Peter Beine reasons that the entity’s major contribution to the transformation of the agricultural sector can best be done through skilled veterinarians who train farmers to articulate their breeding objectives as well as providing artificial insemination. Every year on April 30, the

PDM: Govt lines up NAGRC&DB as the sector game changer

The 28th National Agricultural Show that ran from August 9-15 in Jinja was billed as government’s test to identify sub-sectors to promote the recently-rolled out Parish Development Model (PDM). Several government entities showcased their innovations, improved technologies and practices for better production, processing and marketing in agriculture. At the end of the weeklong fair, NAGRC&DB

Dr Benda tips farmers on profitable goat farming

Goats were humanity’s first domesticated livestock. Today’s goats provide tasty milk, delicious meat and rich organic manure, among others. Besides, it costs little to buy and maintain goats, and only a modest land plot is required to raise them. Of recent, there is a considerable surge in goat farming but not everyone succeeds in the

Artificial insemination gurus transform livestock farming

Trained technicians in Artificial Insemination (AI) and other Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) have been able to reach thousands of farmers countrywide. Over the past six months, NAGRC&DB has graduated 70 AI technicians. The long-term objective is to help smallholder livestock farmers to access superior animal genetics without necessarily incurring the cost of owning a live

Regional gene bank elevated to animal centre of excellence

It has been agreed to fast-track its operationalization on top of ensuring that all stakeholders adhere to the set standards. The Eastern Africa sub-regional gene bank hosted at NAGRC&DB has been upgraded to become an African Union Animal Resources Seed Centre of Excellence. The decision was reached at in December, 2021 at the fourth ordinary

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