Specialized Units

National Animal Quarantine Center Unit

The purpose and scope of setting up the NATIONAL ANIMAL QUARANTINE Stations is to prevent the ingress of dangerous exotic diseases into the country through imported livestock and livestock products.

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Animal Feed Production Unit

Evaluation and multiplication of improved pasture and fodder germ-plasma. NAGRC&DB established and maintained 375 acres of improved pasture on its farms;

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Community Breeding program

This concept arises from the need for livestock farming communities to participate and or carry out breeding activities. It contains two main strategies;

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Apiculture Unit for production of (food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade products etc).

NAGRC&DB is one of the government agencies that is working around the clock to create wealth for Ugandan through practically skilling

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National Pig Grand-parent Resources Centre Unit

The pig industry in Uganda plays an important role in improving the livelihoods of people by creating employment opportunities, providing

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Liquid Nitrogen Production and Distribution Unit

NAGRC&DB have three liquid nitrogen plants, located at Njeru, Mbarara and at the Bullstud in Entebbe. The production capacity of the Liquid

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Semen Production, Packaging, Storage and Distribution Unit

NAGRC&DB collects semen from high quality bulls, the semen is subjected to both macroscopic and microscopic examination, the concentration

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Rural Poultry Development Unit

This unit is responsible for contributing to the development and implementation of projects and programs for more efficient reproduction

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National Small Ruminants Breeding Resources Centre unit (1. Goats)

All over Uganda there is an increasing interest in goats and goat products – both dairy and meat. This is due increase in population density,

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Foundation fish brood stock & fry production Unit

NAGRC introduced the Fish Program whose implementation was embarked on last year 2020 with more focus on fish breeding, production

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National Animal Genetic Evaluation and Testing Centre

National Animal Genetic Evaluation and Testing Centre Unit is located in Entebbe and it consists of infrastructure that houses laboratories

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Conservation and Gene banking (National & Eastern African Regional) Unit

The Conservation and Gene Banking Unit has facilities to conserve germplasm of local livestock breeds from 13 countries of the East African region.

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