Kasolwe stock farm


Kasolwe Stock Farm is located in Eastern Uganda, in Kamuli District, Bugabula , county, Balawoli sub-county, Kasolwe parish, 21kms North of Kamuli Town along Kamuli- Bukungu road and is opposite Kasolwe Primary school. It is one of the governments of Uganda Ranches established in 1969 to conserve the indigenous short horned Zebu Cattle. Initially, it was a Citrus farm which failed due to insufficient water for irrigation. After an evaluation, the Citrus farm was shift ed to Kiige near the shores of Kyoga due to availability of water for irrigation thus paving the way for establishment of Kasolwe stock farm.

The farm occupies 2,000 hectares of land, with no encroachers and lies within the cattle corridor that stretches from Mbarara, Masaka, Nakasongola, Kayunga, Kamuli, Teso, and Karamoja. The area is characterized by hot weather with temperatures ranging from 20-30 degrees. The vegetation is Savanna grass and the land is generally composed of sandy-clay soils. Currently the farm has 986 heads of cattle of which 64 are crosses of Jersey and Friesians, 922 short horned Zebu and 740 Small East Africa Goats.