Joan Rokani, the laboratory technologist picking ice from the ice maker to the cool box into which samples are maintained under a cold chain

Semen Production, Packaging, Storage and Distribution Unit

NAGRC&DB collects semen from high quality bulls, the semen is subjected to both macroscopic and microscopic examination, the concentration of sperm in the sample is the then determined using a photometer, the ejaculate is then diluted using extenders that has different components that protect and increase longitivity of the semen, and later the semen sample is placed in the fridge at 4c for Equilibration which takes about 2 hours.


NAGRC also have an integrated semen packing machine which is also at 4c  to fills, seals,  straw and prints the bull identification on the straw, the straws are then racked and subjected to a freezing process which takes about 7 to 9 minutes, after the freezing the straws are @ -130c, then got out of the freezing Chambers into the semen bank which is @ -196c


Later, the semen is then subjected to post thaw microscopic examination, and quarantined for one month as the bulls are monitored for any disease outbreak, after this period the semen is cleared for use in Artificial insemination


We do field delivery of semen and liquid nitrogen to the four regions (Western, Eastern,  Northern and Central. We make two deliveries in a region in a quarter. In these regions we deliver the AI inputs to the district veterinary office, AI technicians, Nagrc farms in the region and farmers who have the equipment to handle the inputs and satellite centre

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