Planning and M&E

The planning unit is responsible to provide technical support and carry out Economic Policy engagements review and monitoring progress of day-to-day Economic activities of the institution by; Planning, directing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating Economic Policy activities of the organization; Through a consultative process, lead strategic planning process together with partners and stakeholders; Provides leadership in the development and implementation of overall monitoring and evaluation framework for NAGRC & DB; Support departments/Units in the development of component-level plans, including ensuring coherence with NAGRC & DB mission’s overall strategic direction and planning tools; Compiles and analyze data, develop Results-Based Budget (RBB) framework, performance reports, and provide inputs as required for audits, budget monitoring and performance reporting; Timely synthesis and dissemination of key documents, strategies, policies, reviews, frameworks and reports, with lessons learned; Coordinates the design and implementation of NAGRC & DB development plans, Participates in the analysis of national and sector development policies, plans and public expenditure programs; Manage evaluation processes, including liaising with external stakeholders and service providers, creating terms of reference and evaluation guidelines, and ensuring that baseline studies are conducted for all projects and that information is stored for future use; Conduct data quality assessments, geared towards improving programme quality and effectiveness; Ensures provision of top quality advisory services and facilitation of knowledge building and management in the area of planning and budgeting; Prepare reports for internal and external audiences based on data from monitoring and evaluation processes. Discuss emerging issues from project progress and evaluation reports, and coordinate the development and follow up of action plans; Coordinates the participation of departments/Units in research and dissemination of findings related to planning and budgeting, Coordinates activities to bolster strategic partnerships and networks; Carries out performance appraisal on staff he/she supervises and Any other duties assigned by the Executive Director.

Departmental Functions

M&E is responsible to carry out monitoring and evaluation activities for the organization by

  1. Undertaking macro-economic analysis and forecasting for the centre
  2. Coordinates the implementation of planned activities; Maintains a statistical database to support budgeting process analysis and forecasting
  3.  Reviews development policies, strategies, projects and programmes prepared at the Centre; Coordinates NAGRC & DB development plans
  4. Participates in the analysis of national and sector development policies, plans and public expenditure program; Coordinates the participation of departments/Units in the development planning and budgeting process
  5. Provides technical oversight, coaches and supervises the members of the M&E team and oversee day-to-day operations of the team
  6. Maintains the implemented policies, guidance, systems, procedures and tools related to monitoring and evaluation, and update as needed
  7. Oversees all the data collection and analysis processes to measure progress and achievements according to the M&E plan
  8. Mobilizes relevant M&E technical assistance in a timely manner
  9. Writes reports, analyses findings and provides recommendations as required for contributions to planning, risk management and reporting.
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