National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC & DB) is a government agency in charge of breeding activities of livestock, poultry and fish under the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries. To carry out these activities, NAGRC & DB under result area one of its strategic plan; ‘enhanced animal genetic improvement efforts for increased animal production and productivity’ does it through center farms/ranches among others. Maruzi ranch is one of such located in Akokoro sub county Apac district.

The mandate of this ranch is beef cattle cross breeding and avail the community with improved livestock through bulls and artificial insemination. The mandate has however broadened to respond to different kind of farmers, size of land and income and for purposes of diversification. And therefore plans are underway to bring in breed technologies of other livestock like meat goats this financial year. All this is geared at enhancing the livelihoods of communities through income generation, better nutrition, and drought power by acquiring better breeds. The breeds currently on the ranch are crosses of Romagnola, Sahiwal and Brahman with indigenous breeds.

Maruzi ranch under NAGRC & DB, though located in Apac, its mandate is to be the centre for breeding activities for outreach to the entire Lango sub region.

The ranch size is 7 square miles from the recommendation by the agricultural committee of the parliament of Uganda. This however needs to be followed up and the land titled. Efforts have been made and this land demarcated with the lower side having 3.2 square miles and the upper side 3.8 square miles.

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