Community Breeding program

This concept arises from the need for livestock farming communities to participate and or carry out breeding activities. It contains two main strategies; Nucleus breeding and Contract Mating Schemes. The purpose of community breeding programs is to involve livestock farming communities in breeding especially for the purposes of increasing production and productivity leading to improved livelihoods of poor livestock farmers in disease control zones.

In the nucleus breeding scheme, farmers around a nucleus breeder exchange replacement stock with the nucleus breeder and it is either an open or closed nucleus breeding schemes dependent on whether the nucleus breeder also buys or gets replacement stock or not respectively.

In its desire, NAGRC&DB proposes to recruit nucleus breeders under a contract-mating scheme in Disease Control Zones (DCZ) of Uganda.

These breeders will be mobilized into farmers of specific breeds of desired performance traits for the regions in point. The breeders will then be mobilized into breed societies or associations, which will ultimately create a sustainable source of breeding stock of the desired genetics within the region.

These nucleus breeders shall supply pedigree genetics to the outline community to improve their genetics through Artificial Insemination (AI) services.

NAGRC&DB Countrywide Community Breeding Programme launched by the First Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Moses Ali.


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