Our Services

Technical services

  1. Veterinary Medical Services (screening, Diagnosis and treatment)

  2. Artificial Insemination Services (arm service)

  3. Germplasm Collection (Semen, Egg and Embryos)

  4. Germplasm Processing

  5. Germplasm Storage

  6. Embryo Transfer

  7. Evaluation (Breeding soundness, Semen and Embryos)

  8. Specialized training

Extension services – Technical

  1. Livestock Husbandry

  2. Productivity enhancement

  3. Disease control

Extension Services – Economic

  1. Business Management

  2. Product Development

  3. Market Access

  4. Communication for development

Land for animal breeding and animal breeding – related purposes

Quarantine facilities

Testing and evaluation Centre


  1. Land Utilization not related to animal breeding

  2. Hostels/hospitality

  3. Training Center

  4. Livestock (Donor and recipients for hire, vaccine trials, research

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