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The National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) was established by the Animal Breeding Act, 2001. It’s one of the statutory semi-autonomous bodies of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF). Formation of NAGRC&DB was part of the fulfilment of the aspirations in the National Animal Breeding Policy (1997), document and the Action Plan for its implementation providing guidelines to all actors in the animal breeding and production value-chain.

  • Excellence: All functions of NAGRC&DB are oriented towards production of the best quality products and delivery of fast and efficient services as demanded by the farmers/customers. Excellence also implies the promotion of a culture that believes that only the best is good enough in all areas that govern the organisational outputs.
  • Professionalism: NAGRC&DB staff is committed to have the application of specialised knowledge and skills in accordance to the ethical requirements and established standards that govern each profession.
  • Sustainable development & social responsibility: NAGRC&DB recognizes the importance of protecting the environment for sustainable production. The Centre addresses environmental issues responsibly. The Centre to the best of its ability, embraces appropriate innovations and the latest technological developments to benefit the farming community and other stakeholders in the country.
  • Public trust and honesty: NAGRC&DB has instituted policies, rules, and procedures to promote public trust through sound financial management, accurate reporting, and excellent customer service at all times.Client service and satisfaction: Client needs receive timely, responsive, proactive tailor made solutions to meet their needs.
  • Team work: For optimum productivity and output, NAGRC&DB cherishes and upholds the spirit of team work at all levels between staff, management, the Board and other collaborating institutions.
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