Executive Board Members

DR. JOHNSON NKUUHE Board Chairperson
DR. PETER BEINE Caretaker AG. ED - NAGRC&DB / Board Secretary
MS. LOICE BIIRA BWAMBALE Chairperson Technical committee / Representative for Western Uganda Farmers
MR. BEN ANYAMA Chairperson Finance and Administration committee / Representative for Northern Uganda Farmers
ENG. ROBERT WAJJA SSENOZI Chairperson Audit committee / Representative for Central Uganda Farmers
MR. HERMAN SSEKIWUNGA Board Member / Animal Breeders Representative
DR. URRI RICHARD AKULE Board member / Representative AI Technicians of Uganda
MR PAUL SSEKYEWA Board Member/ Fish Breeders Representative
DR. SENTUMBWE JULIET Board Member / AG. Director Animal Resources / MAAIF Representative
DR. KIBEDI CARBAL Board Member / Representative for Eastern Uganda farmers
MS. ALAKO TEDDY Board member / MOFPED Representative
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