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Community initiatives set positive agenda for 2022

As the animal breeding sub-sector looks forward to the new financial year, NAGRC&DB has invested a lot of effort into community-based breeding initiatives in order to ensure that no livestock farmer is left behind.

Through the Community-Based animal Breeding outreach Program (CBBP), NAGRC&DB is supporting farmers in the various agro-ecological zones of Uganda with high quality genetics that respond to market needs.

Using the Parish Development Model (PDM) as the approach to get more people into commercial farming, NAGRC&DB is producing crossbred beef animals with enriched genetic merit such as attainment of a slaughter weight of 350kg at 18 months.

The community breeding strategy is in line with PDM’s goals of breed characterization, breeding objective defining, breeding structures, enabling environment created and functional community breeding program.

So, in an effort to promote the PDM, NAGRC&DB has incorporated 11 game changers to the community breeding approach in order to enhance the outreach component of the program.

Firstly, a new synchronisation protocol has been developed and recommended for beef producers thus assuring optimal pregnancy rates based on research and field use. NAGRC&DB has further gone ahead to develop tools to monitor the performance of AI technicians in the field for better results.


Already present and functional is the liquid nitrogen plant with a capacity to produce 89 liters per hour at NAGRC&DB bull stud. Over the past one year alone, two more liquid nitrogen plants have been installed in Mbarara and Njeru stock farm.

Meanwhile, NAGRC&DB is in the process of procuring and installing four liquid nitrogen reservoir tanks each with a capacity 200 litres. These will be at regional artificial insemination satellite centers including Kasolwe and Lusenke to increase access to breeding inputs.

In the last few months, NAGRC&DB has also procured 100 artificial insemination sets to help with the dissemination of semen doses. What’s more, NAGRC&DB has set up a mechanism for identification and traceability of services to ensure proper planning.

Added to the growing research and development through partnerships and networks, more Ugandans are expected to join livestock farming.

By taking these services closer to the last-mile farmers and farming groups countrywide, the goal is to facilitate participation in breeding programs and elevate livestock farming into a viable commercial venture.

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