Lusenke stock farm


Following the Animal Breeding Act, 2001 and the establishment of NAGRC & DB, it was imperative that the agency acquires the capacity to spearhead livestock breeding activities in the country. It is in this vein that 4,480 acres (7 square miles) formerly under the jurisdiction of the now defunct Uganda Beef Company were transferred to NAGRC & DB to make present day Lusenke stock farm as evidenced by the communication reference number MOS/AI/11 dated June 05, 2007.

The farm under focus is situated in Busana sub-county of Kayunga district in central Uganda and lies astride the River Nile. Given the abundant land area, fertile soil, favorable temperatures, and high annual rainfall that is enjoyed by the ranch, there is immense potential for using it as a tool to propel the 68% households out of poverty in the shortest time possible using livestock as a driver. In this project, farmers from diverse livestock production systems will be targeted. The targeted production systems include (1) the agro-pastoral system that covers some districts within the cattle corridor such as Nakasongola, Nakaseke etc, (2) the Settled mixed crop livestock system which covers majority of the districts within the project area, (3) Ranching, (4) Commercially oriented intensive system that is practiced by farmers within the urban and peri-urban areas and (5) the non-ruminant system comprised of farmers within urban and peri-urban areas engaged in piggery and poultry farming.




Breeding Plan